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Name Expertise Current Residence Nationality
Dai Guoqiang Theory and Pratice of Finance Shanghai P.R.C.
Wang Qiang International Economic Law,Corporate Law,Contract Law,Real Estate Law Beijing P.R.C.
Wang Guiguo International Economic Law Hongkong P.R.C.
Lu Song Trade and Investment,Corporate Law, Financial and Securities Beijing P.R.C.
Fu Yang Contract Law, Corporate Law, Environmental Law Beijing P.R.C.
Li Hai Maritime Law, International Trade Law,International Private Law Shenzhen P.R.C.
Shen Sibao Foreign-Investment Enterprises Law, Foreign Trade Law, Real Estate Law, International Commercial Law Beijing P.R.C.
Jiang Zihao Real-estate Law, Construction Law, Contract Law, Enviromental Law Shanghai P.R.C.
Yan Siyi International Business Practice,International Finance&Trade Settlement,International Economic Copperation Beijing P.R.C.
NUNN, Philip Construction Litigation and Arbitration, Land Development Matters,Town Planning Matters Hong Kong U.K.
Zheng Mengzhuang Civil and Commercial Law, Negotiable Instruments Law, International Financial Law Ningbo P.R.C.
Zhang Yuejiao International Trade Law,International Investment Law Beijing P.R.C.
Zhu Kepeng Banking Law,Financial Law,Corperate Law,Negotiable Instruments Law Shanghai P.R.C.
Zhao Xiuwen International Trade Law, International Investment, Contract, Commercial Arbitration Beijing P.R.C.
Zhou Linbin Contract Law,Corperate Law,Property Law,Financial Law Guangzhou P.R.C.