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President of ICCA Visited CIETAC

On April 27, 2017 in Beijing, Deputy Chairman and General-Secretary of CIETAC Mr. Wang Chengjie met with Mr. Donald Donovan, President of International Council for Commercial Arbitration(ICCA). Mr. Yu Jianlong,  General-Secretary of China Chamber of International Commerce and Governing Board Member of ICCA, also attended the meeting.

Wang welcomed Mr. Donald Donovan firstly, and reviewed the related achievements of the ICCA International Arbitration Seminar in 1994 and the 17th ICCA Conference held by the CIETAC: the ICCA Conference in 1994 and the legislation of the Arbitration Law were the milestone events to the arbitration in China. After the ICCA Conference in 2004, there has been a significant increase in the number of foreign-related arbitration cases in China and the degree of internationalization has been greatly improved. In the meantime,  China Arbitration were further known by the international arbitration,  through the two ICCA conferences, and it also made the China Arbitration gradually to step to the international stage, opened up a new era of mutually beneficial win-win and common development.

Mr. Donald Donovan briefly introduced the institution structure and new improvement of ICCA, and fully affirmed the important role of CIETAC in the  communication of China Arbitration and international arbitration and also the important role of CIETAC in ICCA members. He also praised the support of CIETAC for reform and activities associated with the ICCA and expressed a willingness to strengthen the cooperation with CIETAC.